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Summary Part 2:

January 8, 2010


Part 2: „HOME“ (23-117)

This section of the novel begins with the „ intrinsically“ beginning of the story:

For example we get information about the sad life of their country – a small island of the British West Indies.

Leila talks about the bad behaviour of her husband Michael. She loves him, but she is unhappy with him. He has a bad appearance: he does not dress up well, drinks a lot of beer and has a slovenly life. Michael also has a friend, called Bradeth – Millie’s boyfriend. Many see Bradeth more as a giraffe than a man, because his body shape is long and thin. Michael employed by Bradeth and his work can be regarded as a curious job. But most time of the day the two men can be seen outside one of the small bars getting drunk on beer.

Bradeth sees this life as easygoing: sitting out in the sun and drinking beer, listening to music, talking and having a nice time.” But Michael does not think so. He has also fathered an illegitimate child.

In the evening, Michael and Bradeth get drunk again in a bar. Millie and Leila have to come and pick up their drunken husbands. The women are very disgruntled. Leila leaves by herself and does not care about Michael, because she has a lot of things to sort out with her mother. On the way home, she enjoys her “freedom” but in two days she will be married. Her mother is very ill and Leila prays for her. Then she has an argument with her mother because in her opinion Michael is not the right man for her daughter to marry. Michael loves himself too much and he will use her. She thinks that her daughter is blind for love. She cannot understand why such a girl wants to marry this man. Leila begins to cry. From that night on, the relationship between Leila and her mother changes…

Another shock follows: Millie discovers to be pregnant and Bradeth is disgusted. He is not convinced that he will marry Millie but he is going to support the child.

The story jumps to Michael: he lives with his grandmother, because his own parents have already passed away. His grandmother wants to bring Michael back onto the right path, because until now he hasn’t achieved any qualifications.

It is the night before the marriage: Michael is in his neighbour’s house; she is called Beverley and is a very beautiful girl. She has everybody’s sympathy and lives without her husband because he left her, but she has a chill called Ivor.

Michael spends some time with her. He even might make love with her…

His grandmother is very disappointed of her grandson because he had promised her that he will spend the night before his wedding at home with her. She wants to avoid that Michael makes any kind of nonsense. But he makes no mistake – he goes home. Here the reader can assert that Michael isn’t really happy with the wedding the next day, however he believes that Beverley has nothing to do with his doubtfulness.

Also it can be said that he has to be careful because some say Leila is too good for him and that she might call off the wedding

On the next day, Leila gets married. Although she is grateful with her lacy white dress, no atmosphere is created because nobody is in the mood for dancing or singing. More background information about the wedding is distributed throughout the text. Michael is the poor boy from this village and he is marrying the mulatto girl.

Michael seems unhappy on his wedding day, he has no attention for his wife and he starts drinking excessively. As a result of this, Leila is in the corner and cries. Michael approaches her but does not understand why she is crying. She is unhappy about her husband drinking so much that he will tend to forget the details of his own wedding. Leila also wants to know if Michael loves her, but he does not answer her question. His wife keeps crying and this makes him even angrier, he pours the rest of his drink in her face, turns around and leaves…

After the wedding Michael arrives at Beverley’s house. They have a dinner and beer together. Michael feels comfortable with her presents, because she understands things without him having to explain them.

But then Bradeth disturbs the two – he has to tell Michael important news: he says: “Leila just born you a next son.” At first Michael thinks it is a joke, but then he wants to celebrate the child’s birth with a drink. Michael leaves Beverley’s house to see the newborn child (called Calvin). In the following pages the reader receives information on how Michael and Leila manage their “new life” – it is clearly visible that Michael is overstrained with his son Calvin. Preferably he likes to run from his job as a father and sees Beverley every day. Meanwhile Leila spends a lot of time with her friends Bradeth and Millie together with the two babies. Bradeth then says that he decided to marry Millie and that they will leave the island to built up a new shop (at the beginning of this chapter he says that he will support his child but is unsure about marrying Millie). Leila is very happy for the couple, but nevertheless she is a little bit envious of them having the ideal relationship. Bradeth feels guilty about leaving Leila and Calvin by themselves (with the faithless husband Michael). But Leila has also news for her friends: “I think I’m going to England!” Leila finds life on the island increasingly unbearable and it is her wish to immigrate to England and to reunite with her mother (the reader gets information that Leila’s mother is gone to England. One day Leila is shocked to find her mother gone. A letter informs her that on doctor’s advice she has left for England in order to seek medical treatment there). Millie cannot belief this important news. But she wants to help her best friend. She wants to do everything for Leila to have a better life.

In the next hours Bradeth goes to look for Michael to tell him that he will marry Millie and about them leaving the island. He also tries to bring Michael to terms. Michael makes up his mind and realizes that he has made mistakes. He will try to treat his wife a better way and is not averse from the idea to immigrate to England.

The day of the departure from the island gets closer and closer. Leila is packing but Michael is doubtful if this is the right idea to go to England (he says: “leaving this place going make me feel old, you know, like leaving the safety of your family to go live with stranger.”) But then Michael says goodbye to his lovely grandmother who is very sad that her only grandson is leaving her. She hopes that he will come back some day. Michael is like a son to her since his parents died. She wants Michael to take good care of his girl and his child, because she thinks that Leila can help him to a good life if he treats her right.

Later that day, Millie and Bradeth go to Leila’s house. Millie wants to persuade Leila to stay on the island, but Leila is sure that her mother is going to die soon. Therefore Leila has to go!

Michael will miss Bradeth, perhaps more than he has yet realized. They drink their last drink together. Then it is time to say goodbye…


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October 1, 2009

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