The Satanic Verses – Summary


Chapter One: The Angel Gibreel

The Story begins with two of the main charactars, Gibreel Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, two Indian actors, who fall from the sky over the English Channel, after their hijacked plane explodes. They meet each other on the flight from Bombay to London which is hijacked by terrorists who held the occupants as hostages for 110 days, before they blew the plane apart. In this time Gibreel Farishta is trying to sleep as less as possible because he has weird religious dreams. Miraculously both of them survive the fall and get washed up at an British beach.

Chapter Two: Mahound

The second chapter describes the dream of Gibreel Farishta. In this dreams the prophet Mahound comes into the city Jahilia where he wants to spread his new religion. After a few confrontations with the Grandee of Jahilia and the poet Baal, leaves the prophet the City. This part of the story tells an episode of Muhammad’s life in mecca. It’s linked to the so called satanic verses in the qur´an which aloud praying to three female gods and which where later removed by Muhammad who said it was an failure which was caused bai Shaitan, the Islamic Devil.

Chapter Three: Ellowen Deoween

Rosa Diamond, an elder woman, finds Gibreel and Saladin at the beach and cures them. Saladin begins to transform and becomes the appearance of the devil, while Gibreel gets an halo. Saladin is caught by the police, who think he is an illegal immigrant. During his arrest the police beats Saladin up badly. After he is nursed by an physiotherapist Saladin escapes and goes home, where he finds his wife sleeping with a his friend Jumpy Joshi. At the same  time Gibreel runs away from Rosa Diamond and starts searching his great love Allie Cone in London.

Chapter Four: Ayesha

In this chapter forces the Imam of Desh Gibreel Farishta to help him with the revolution in his homecountry and to end up his exile in London. This part of the story is very similar to the revolution in the Iran in the year 1979. In an other dream Gibreel sees Mirza Saeed Akhtar, who loves Ayesha and tells him that his wife has cancer. Ayesha, who claims to be an prophet tells the her whole village to go to mecca and that the Arabian Sea will split in front of them.

Chapter Five: A City Visible But Unseen

Saladin is taken by Jumpy Joshi to an Bed & Breakfast where he realises that he has lost everything, his wife is pregnant from Jumpy Joshi and he has lost his job. After he finds out that Gibreel is going to make movies out of his dreams he gets in rage and grows. He is take to the Hot Wax nightclub where he loses his demonic appearance  and seeks for revenge on Gibreel. At the same time Gibreel starts to believe he is an archangel and runs away from Allie, after he isn’t able to declare the words of god he returns to Allie.

Chapter Six: Return to Jahilia

This part is again taking place in the dreams of Gibreel. It descreibes how Mahound brings the Islam to Jahilia. Salman the Persian who writes down the words of god for Mahound complains about Mahounds verses, which are against women and tells his critic to Baal. Mahound who has taken over Jahilia doesn’t kill his former enemies, only Baal who talks against him has to hide in an brothel. Before Mahound is able to kill  Baal, Hind, the wife of the Grandee of Jahilia who pretended to that sh has converted,  uses black magic to summon the demon Al-Lat who kills Mahound.

Chapter Seven: The Angel Azraeel

Saladin comes home and stays at his house, allthough the affair between his wife and Jumpy goes on. On a party Saladin and Gibreel meet again and Saladin gets his revenge  by destroying the relationship of Gibreel and Allie. While riots break out in London because of the death of an innocent prisonor, Gibreel believes he is Azraeel the angel of destruction. Saladins wife and Jumpy die during an fire which was was caused by the riots, Saladin who wants to save an family breaks down in the fire and gets safed by Gibreel who noticed that Saladin destroyed his relationship but forgave him.

Chapter Eight: The Parting Of The Arabian Sea

In this Chapter Gibreel dreams again of Ayesha and the villagers, who ar now on their way to Mecca. Mirza Saeed is trying to make the people go home bur nearly all of them follow Ayesha in to the Arabian sea where they die. This part of the story is based on real event in the year 1982 when 38 muslim pilgrim walked into the Arabian Sea believing it would part in front of them.

Chapter Nine: A Wonderfull Lamp

In the last chapter Saladin flys home to his father who lies in deathbed with cancer. Saladin who had an argue with his father since he became an British citizen reconciles with his father and inherits the riches of his father. Meanwhile Gibreel is starting a comeback tour and trys to make films out of his dreams, also he trys to get Allie back but fails. So he throws her down Everest Villa and comes to the house of Saladins father and kills him self with a gun he gets out of an magic lamp Saladin inherited from his father.


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