Reading Experiences


When I first started reading the book I was thinking to myself: “Oh my gosh! Why did you take this book.” I had to look up that much words, especialy the Indian and Arabian ones but after a while i got used to it.

Salman Rushdi works out some events in the Muslim history in a very critical way and i started to search these links. It was ver interesting and I learned a lot about Islamic traditions and history while reading the book.

Because the novel is not written in a chronolgical order it wasnt easy to get the story, and even now I am not sure if I realy mentioned the basic objectivs of the story, but I hope so. On the other hand this nonchronlogical order made it more easy to read the novel in small parts, because of the fast switches between the story lines, but also some times confused me. Also the hundreds of Indian and Arabian names which all looked the same to me on the first sight made it sometimes hard to anderstand the woman.

The novel shows Muhammad as an poltical person, that knows how to controll the people around him. And is very critical against the qur´an which is in the book written by person that critisices Muhammad.

I liked that novel is very miscellaneus, because their are many story lines and topics like the conflict between believe and doubt of the two main charactars or the links to the Muslim history.

If some one should ask me if I could recommend the book, I definitly have to say yes, but only if you don’t have write a reading blog. And should their anyone seriously be intersted in the story I think he should read the book and im willing to lend it to every one, because in my eyes it is hardly possible to describe what Salman Rushdi has created with his unique and imaginative language that cobine reality with the magic of the Muslim World.


One Response to “Reading Experiences”

  1. jan90 Says:

    Dear author,

    it’s indeed a very confusing story telling, and it was probably hard to read with a lot of difficult expressions. I take my head off to you 😉 Unfortunately I don’t that much time to read such a ambitious book.


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