Reading experiences and my conclusion


When I read the first pages of the book Angels and Demons of Dan Brown, the first impression I had, was that it is written in the same style as The Da Vinci Code. A woman and Langdon have to save the world from a secret order. Also the beginning with the murder is the same: the father of the woman was murdered and he is also the key to disclose the secret. Of course there are some differences and it isn’t totally written in the same style but nearly.

The short captures make it easier having fun to read  about 700 pages. The effect the short captures had on me was that the suspense grows and grows it has never been boring or godawful – I kept on reading all the time. That was very impressive. But you also have to be careful because sometimes you can get a little confused. I mean if there are many short captures there are many characters, too and so you have to be a little careful not to mix up. Dan Brown gives a very all-embracing picture of the setting and he goes in the very detail. Sometimes it is a bit too long and not really important in that part but all in all this doesn’t matter.

There are some inconsistencies in the book like Glick and Chintia chasing Langdon and Vittoria. Why don’t they notice them? Sometimes it seems like Brown omits something because first you don’t know what is going on and so on. But when you keep on reading it becomes clearer and clearer.

The most exciting part in Angels and Demons is from the kidnapping of Vittoria to the end. There it seems like with every page you turn the suspense rises more. It is incredible!

After the moment the camerlengo got mad the reader notice immediately that something is wrong! He knows the way down to the antimatter that good and the entire  atmosphere Brown describes. I think this part is the one Dan Brown has written best!

The last seconds of the countdown, when the antimatter explodes and everyone thinks that Langdon is dead this is the most evocative and most melancholic moment in the book. Again it is the atmosphere which Brown describes let me feeling  this.

In my opinion it is a masterpiece. I enjoyed reading the book and I think it was very interesting. I would recommend it on all people who like Dan Brown’s book and are interested in a mix of fiction and history like me. But you always have to be careful because not all the facts Dan Brown uses in his books are true and happened like that for sure. Well, it’s just a novel and not a history book! I think there are not many book where there is suspense from the beginning to the end and that in a such high level even that it can rise higher! Also the issues including the book are very interesting. For my entries especially the information about different aspects I had to do a little research but I think it is important and maybe useful to know something about this when I tell you all the time of it.

From my side there isn’t much to say any more because I think in my reading experiences and in my other posts comment enough, so there is just a goodbye and till tomorrow at school! If you have any questions, don’t feel afraid to ask. I know there are hard topics in the book! 🙂

Yours, Eileen


4 Responses to “Reading experiences and my conclusion”

  1. en2kn Says:

    Dear Eileen,
    I realy ejoyed reading your post. I’ve read th book on German some years ago i can only hardly remember details, but when i was reading your summary of reading experiences it was much easier to remember. I agree with you that the story buildup is very similar to the Da Vinci Code. And I’m looking forward to ask you some questions tomorrow.


  2. en2kn Says:

    Dear Eileen,
    your blog and also the others got never boring while reading them.
    It was interesting reading your posts, especially your own conclusion.
    For me, the conlusions, are the most interesting part of reading each of our posts because you get to know how the person who read the book reacts to each passage.
    I think you did a very good job on your book 🙂
    See you tomorrow=)

  3. jan90 Says:

    Dear Eileen,

    I liked reading your blog, since you chose a book I have read.
    It is interesting, how Dan Brown succeeds in writing book, which follow the pattern. In “Digital Fortress” the attractive and intelligent Susan Fletcher tries with help of Strathmore to prevent the world of something horrible. In the end is is Strathmore who planned everything, parallel to Maximilian Kohler, head of CERN.
    One of the best blogs, I have read so far!!!! I especially like the additional material and pictures 😀

  4. en2kn Says:

    Dear Eileen,
    At first I’d like to say that reading your blog was very interesting, above all the summary of your book was written very well.J
    Moreover I enjoyed that you have chosen a lot of pictures and also given us the main characters of the book!
    I could see that you tried hard! You did a good job.

    See you on Monday 😉

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