Harvey’s Dream



The short story „Harvey’s Dream“ takes place in the kitchen of Janet and Harvey Stevens. Harvey has Alzheimer’s disease. This is why Janet is afraid of the future. In general Janet is unhappy with her life. One reason for her unhappiness is that she didn’t leave her husband in order to let their children grow up in an idyllic family. Everything seems to be normal that afternoon, till Harvey wants to tell her of the dream, he had last night. He starts but at this moment Janet becomes very angry without cause. Janet doesn’t understand why she reacts like that, she just wants him to stop, but he goes on talking. Like in reality it was Saturday afternoon in his dream. He went to a window, where he saw the car of a friend which was dented. Exactly that happens in reality, too, and Janet gets very scared. In Harvey’s dream their phone rang. It was their oldest daughter Trish, who is drug-addicted. She mumbled something of death and Harvey knew right away that one of their daughters had died. Then reality starts to seep through. Looking outside, Janet discovers something in the dented car, that looks like blood and hair and she gets goose bumps. The phone rings and Harvey takes the call.

My impression

The story is structured very simply. In Janet’s and Harvey’s situation everything seems to be normal. Harvey talks about a dream, which is unusual. By chance his dream might exactly reflect their day. But then Janet discovers the blood and the phone rings. The reader cannot deny the thought that one of their children has died. Janet and Harvey seem to be normal people with normal lives but Harvey’s dream changes the reader’s perception. The open ending is typical of short stories. The reader is left alone with the question if their child has really died.

This is definitely a story I do recommend since it shows Stephen King’s skills to write a very exciting short story in simple words.


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