Information about different aspects in my book


I think it is useful an important for you to know a little about the organisations and buildings which are mentioned in Angels and Demons.


CERN is an organisation near Geneva in Switzerland and gets the short form from its usual name: Conseil Européen  pour la Recherche Nucléaire. There scientists do very multifaceted physical basic research. Especially their big particle accelerator (=Teilchenbeschleuniger) are very famous. Today there are 20 member states. There are about 3 400 workers in CERN therefore it is worldwide the biggest research center of particle physics. More than 8000 visiting scientists of 85 nations work there at CERN experiments. 

The Illuminati
I have thought that it is better giving you a link so that you can inform yourself  better of the Illuminati who have existed really. There are so many complicated facts and history so that is would be a little too much information for you. But if you are interested  in mystic history and conspiracy theories than read this article. I think it is very interesting. The article is in German because in English it is nearly impossible to understand all the facts. When you read it you will find some differences about the Illuminati like Dan Brown portrays them, like the 1 dollar bill for example.  Have fun!
Symbols of the Illuminati
 All the symbols are in perfect symmetries which is typical for science.
at the 1 dollar bill you can see the pentagram and the pyramid         
  this is the ambigramm of the Illuminati – the sign  
  of the order
This is the Diamond of the Illuminati – the sixth sign. It includes all four elements: earth, air, fire and water. When you look at it very intensively you can see the elements 😉
Bernini and the buildings of the Path of Illumination (= the Path of Illumination is the way to the Church of Illumination – the hidden meeting point of the Illuminati)
Gian Lorenzo Bernini was born at the 7th december 1598 in Nepal and died at the 28th november 1680 in Rome. He was one of the most outstanding Italian sculptors and architects of the baroque.
Santa Maria del Popolo –> earth
 Habakkuk and the Angel –> marker of the Path of Illumination
St. Peter’s Square –> air
Santa Maria della Vittoria –> fire
Fountain of the Four Rivers –> water
Castle St. Angelo –> Church of Illumination

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