Summary (p.236 – p.468)


… After they got to the Pantheon and finally have found the tomb, they notice that they are wrong here. Meant is the tomb Raphael created and not where he is buried. The first altar of science is in the Chigi-chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo. Unfortunately they get there too late, so they can’t save the first cardinal of death and getting the stigma earth – the first element of science.

The assassin has told Glick and his team what is going on and so they notice that there is something more interesting to report than conclave. They follow Vittoria and Langdon to the next altar of science: air! The statue in the Chigi-chapel which is called Habakkuk and the Angel shows the direction to the next altar. The next murder will be on St. Peter’s Square. As usually there are many people on the square and so they don’t notice the murder. They notice only because a little girl find the branded cardinal bleeding to death. She is screaming and so Langdon and Vittoria get attentive.

Now the media all around the world report about the riot in Vatican City and spread the rumor that the last Pope was venomed. Vittoria and the camerlengo find out that it is true during Landon discover the altar of science of the element fire, which is in Santa Maria della Vittoria.  But like the last times they get there too late and the third cardinal, also branded,  is burning to death. Ollivetti is getting shot be the assassin and Vittoria is kidnapped. Langdon was trapped under a sarcophagus where he was hiding because the assassin wanted killing him. He was unconscious as he was saved.

The carmalengo disrupts conclave by announcing the victory of science over the church and explains this by calling the person in charge being out of faith and orientation.

Langdon find out that the altars of science build something like a cross and that the last altar of science has to be the Fountain of the Four Rivers – water. That time he get there just in time. Even so he cannot save the cardinal of being drown. Langdon know that Vittoria is in the Church of Illumination. But he doesn’t notice the marker at first. It was the dove upon the obelisk which is some kind of alternate symbol of an angle. The dove shows the way to the Castle St’ Angelo. Just in time he arrives there to save Vittoria but they have to kill the assassin to save their own lives.

Maximilian Kohler has arrived in Vatican City as the Samaritan of the Eleventh Hour. They think that he is Janus, the leader of the Illuminati and that there exist one last brand which he is going to use for the camalengo. Langdon and Vittoria want to warn the camerlengo! As they enter the room where Kohler and the camerlengo are talking, the camerlengo has already the stigma – the Diamond of the Illuminati, which includes all four ambigrams. In believe that Kohler is Janus they shoot at Kohler who gives Langdon a camcorder with a message which he shall give to the media. But Langdon thinks that it is better to keep it  by his own for the moment. Vittoria and Langdon try to get the camerlengo to hospital…


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