summary from p. 3 to p. 236


The book starts with a murder. Leonardo Vetra who was a physicist and former theologian was discovered murdered in is bureau in CERN. CERN is an organisation in Geneva in Switzerland, where very good scientists work and do important research. Vetra’s head was turned round and one of his eye is missing. On his chest is burned the ambigramm of the Illuminati.

So Maximilian Kohler who is the director of CERN wants Robert Langdon to come to Geneva. Robert Langdon is a symbolist of Harvard University and symbols like the ambigramm of the Illuminati is his subject. Kohler shows Langdon the corps and what is so special because of the eye and the ambigramm. Then Vetra’s adopted daughter Vittoria Vetra landed with the helicopter at CERN. She also belongs to CERN because of her work as physicist and marine biologist. But Kohler and Langdon don’t tell her what happened exactly to her father. She explains that her father wanted the unification of science and religion. He created antimatter and simulate in a canister the big bang in a lower level. It was Vittoria’s idea to create with her father a quarter of a gram of antimatter. If this mass of antimatter gets in contact with matter, there will be destruction in radius of one kilometer. They go to the labour in the underground. Vittoria was shocked when she sees that they used her father’s eye for the scanner to get inside the labour. Also the canister of antimatter was stolen. The problem is now, that there is only energy for 24 hours to stabilize the magnetic field. If the energy is used up, antimatter will hit matter.

Suddenly someone from the Vatican calls and tells Kohler that someone has the antimatter hidden somewhere in Vatican city. So Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra fly to Rome. Now the extend the threatend explosion would have becomes obvious. The Illuminati would destroy their big enemy the catholic church and the cardinals who are congregating in the Sistine Chapel because of conclave would be dead, too.  After telling Olivetti, the commander of the Swiss Guard, and the camerlengo what could happen, the assassin of the Illuminati calls and tells them that he has kidnapped all four favourites of the cardinals. From eight till to the explosion there will be in each hour one cardinal dead. He wants to kill them at the altars of science in Rome. In the same time the assassin calls a BBC reporter whose name is Gunther Glick, so that he can use the media for his terror attack to make the “new world” without religion public.

Langdon knows where they have to search references about the path of illumination. It’s in Galileo Galilei’s “Diagramma della Verità” which resides in the archive of vatican. The path of illumination includes the four elements and leads to the meeting place of the Illuminati. On page 5 they find a little poem with four verses. 5 is the number of science and the first verse is the way to the first altar of science. Langdon thinks that they have to get to the Pantheon because there is Raphael’s tomb of whome the first verse is about. They tell Olivetti and go there.


2 Responses to “summary from p. 3 to p. 236”

  1. en2kn Says:

    Good evening author of “Angels and Demons” :)!
    I just learned at the moment that “Angels and Demons” is “Illuminati” in German! Thanks to you for this perception :D.
    I’ve also read the book (I admit it – in German ^^) and I really love it. I couldn’t stop reading because it was so suspenseful and I’m interested in your opinion about the book. Do you like it?!
    I think you gave a really good summary of the plot. You understand everything and you are interested in how the story might end up. Especially impressive is the coexistence of detective fiction, historical events and religion. I don’t know any other author who manages to connect these three topics as well as Dan Brown does. I also liked your detailed description about his life and works. I learned a lot of new things about him. I can also recommend the movie, it’s well done in my opinion.
    Anyway, I wish you a lot of fun in finishing the book 😉 – it’s great and exciting until the last line, I think I can promise that :).
    Yours, Caro

  2. en2kn Says:

    Dear author,

    like Caro already mentioned, you gave a really good summary. Especially I understand now, why Dan Brown’s books are that popular. The fact that your summary is from page three to page 236 means to me, that you are really impressed by the book, because you surely couldn’t stop reading until then although you might be tired 😉

    I am waiting for your next entry=)


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