Dan Brown and his work


Dan Brown was born at the 22nd June in 1964 in Exeter, New Hampshire. He is married and lives with his wife in Newlon in Newland. He’s known as a famous American author of thriller fiction

He had been an English teacher before he began to write books. Because his father was a eminently respectable professor in maths at university and made church music, science and religion were no things which doesn’t belong in any way to each other – for him they aren’t totally disparate. This aspect you  nearly come always across in his books and also in Angels and Demons. People think that this makes his books popular and  this is why he has so much success. Because of the book The da Vinci Code he has become on of the most successful authors in the world. Also Angels and Demons reached to the top of the most wanted books in the world.

During his studies (Spanish history and culture in Sevilla) he got in contact with Leonardo da Vinci and the theory that he has hidden secret messages in his works. After his college degree he began a carrier as singer and songwriter, so he produced a cassette with songs for kids. 1991 he moved to Los Angeles to get more success as a musician. In that time he earned money by teaching Spanish at the Beverly Hills Preparatory School. After a little time he succeeded as musician and SynthAnimals was produced and then was available in nearly all the United States and his album has also been produced yet. 1995 his second album Angels and Demons was out, but he refused to perform his songs – he doesn’t like the spotlight, he only wants to write songs. But they wanted to force him, but he refused anyway. So for him this kind of carrier was finished.

After finishing his carrier as songwriter he is only devoted to writing books. In the thriller Digital Fortress he broach the issue of security in the internet and damage the privacy of the American people. Digital Fortress appears in february in 1998. For that he got into trouble with the NSA. For researching to get material to write  Angels and Demons he travelled a lot. Angels and Demons appears on market in april in 2000. Publicity was his own business and also his books were much criticised because of what issues his books contain.

In his books he always gives a simple answer on complicated topics like for the popularity unknown conflicts or conspiracy theory. He connects historical facts with fiction. This is the point why he is that much popular and why he is so hard criticized. This is very comprehensible because of the christian religious elements and the indirect in the case maybe direct criticism against church or religious fusions which he makes clear using mystic and criminalistic aspects.

In May 2006 The da Vinci Code was transformed into a movie where Tom Hanks got the role of the protagonist Robert Langdon. But not only The da Vinci Code is available as movie, but also Angels and Demons now.

His most important works:

  • Digital Fortress (1998)
  • Angels and Demons (2000)
  • Deception Point (2001)
  • The da Vinci Code (2003)
  • The Lost Symbol (2009)

2 Responses to “Dan Brown and his work”

  1. en2kn Says:

    Exciting that Angels and Demons is turned into a movie, too. I read the book The Da Vinci Code myself and I saw the movie. In my opinion, Dan Brown is an outstanding author, with excellent talent. Allthough his language isn’t that easy, I couldn’t put the book away – it captivated me. By your summary so far, I can imagen that Angels and Demons is quite as good as The Da Vinci Code. Excited to read more!

    Yours, Vanessa

  2. en2kn Says:

    Unfortunattely, I already saw the movie. And reading a book after watching the movie isn’t really the thing to do. But I love his work, how he links history with mystery.
    But thanks to the list of some other works I might even read a peace of Dan Brown, and not only watch the film version.
    Thank you (:

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